• June 18, 2021

How to tell if you’re experiencing the ‘experience’ of an app

Experian stock analyst Robert Wiese says you should ask for more information about the app before downloading it.

He says apps with “high expectations” like Uber and Lyft are a good example.

“When you download an app, you can’t expect that it’s going to be as good as what you’re getting for free,” he said.

“You can expect the app to give you the same benefits as a free ride, but you can expect it to deliver an experience that is more like a taxi.”

He said you can always expect a better experience if you’ve been using the app for a few weeks, but it’s better to be cautious.

“If you have a high expectation and you’re in a hurry, then the experience might not be what you were expecting,” he told ABC News.

He recommends asking the app’s developers for a “quick rundown” of the app.

“You can then go back and review your experience over time,” he explained.

“I’m not suggesting you wait until you’re using the service, I’m just suggesting that if you are going to download an experience, ask for it upfront,” he added.

Experian also warns against using “tough” terms like “experience,” and recommends that users use the terms “experiences” or “experiential.”

“Tough words and terms like that are not helpful, they will only cause more frustration,” Wiesed said.

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