• June 23, 2021

Nike flex experience with JOSEF MENGELE EXPERIMENTS

Nike is set to introduce a new line of flexes and trainers with the help of Josef Mengele, a scientist who is studying the properties of elasticity.

Mengely is also a Nike design director and a founding partner of the company’s research and development division.

Menkele will give a talk during the event, titled “What Does the Flex Experience Look Like?” and will offer insight into how he’s working to create the flex experience.

Nike has a history of developing flexible and stretchable products, including the Nike Flyknit, which is widely used by athletes.

Mengerle has studied the elasticity of those materials, as well as their effects on performance, for a long time.

Nike said the flexes will be available in the fall, but will go on sale before the end of the year.

The flex experience will be made available in five different versions.

The first one is called the Flex 3.

It will have a range of different types of flexing, including knee, hip, and thigh flexes.

Mengedli will offer a video demonstration of the flexing experience in the next video.

The Flex 3 will be priced at $299.99, according to the Nike website.

Nike is not releasing details on how the flexers will differ from the Flyknit Flex and other flexes on the market.

Nike announced the Flex 2 Flex last year, and it is one of several products designed to enhance flexibility.