• June 30, 2021

A Guide to the Free Flyer Experience on the Airbus A380

An overview of the FreeFlyer Experience for Airbus A320-200, the Airbus’s most expensive airplane, in this article.

The FreeFlyers experience includes a wide array of features to help you get to know and enjoy the Airbus, as well as an experience you can take home to take with you on the way to and from the airport.

FreeFlyeers will not only help you find great flights, but will also let you experience the airplane in a more hands-on way, helping you experience what the Airbus is capable of, as it flies.

We’ve put together a list of all the features that you’ll need to know about FreeFly, and we’ve even provided you with the best FreeFly tips to help get the most out of your trip.

Read More to get you started.1.

Get a seat for free.

FreeFlyers will be available at the following participating airports and times:Cairo, Cairo International Airport (KLM)Amman, Jordan International AirportAmman (KLC)Dubai, Dubai International AirportDubai (DHA)Helsinki, Helsinki International AirportHelsington, London Heathrow (HG)London Gatwick (GEO)Singapore, Singapore International AirportSingapore (SG)Sydney, Sydney International AirportSydneys (SXN)2.

Take advantage of free food and beverages.

Free Flyers offer complimentary meals and beverages at participating airports, plus complimentary beverages are included in all FreeFly tickets.

Freeflyer flights will only be available to customers that have purchased at least one FreeFly ticket in advance.

Free Flyer flights can be booked online at www.freeroaders.com, by phone at +9911 568 1421, or by mail at the Freeflyeers customer service desk at The Airbus A319/350 Global Airport in London, UK.

FreePass will also be available for passengers at participating Airbus airports and time zones.3.

Purchase the FreePass package and save 10% on flights.

FreePass is available to eligible customers who purchase at least two FreeFlys tickets.

For example, a qualifying customer who purchases one free ticket per trip at London Heathrough, will save 10 per cent of the fare at all participating airlines.

This will apply to all FreeFlight tickets.

To ensure you get the best value, we recommend you purchase a FreePass at least three times, each time for a total savings of up to $40,000.4.

Take a tour of the Airbus Global Airport.

The Airbus Global airport, which will become the hub of the new FreeFly service, will be home to the Airbus’ Global Center and its new flight operations center.

Free flyers will experience a 360° view of the airport, including the new Airbus’ new Terminal 4.5.

Fly an Airbus A330-200 with FreeFly.

Free flight options available to A330 passengers on the A330 Global.

A330 passengers who purchase one FreePass ticket will get free first class seats on all Airbus A300-200 and A330 international flights, free food, free beverage, and free entertainment.

A330 Premium customers can travel first class on all the Airbus aircraft, as long as the premium seats are purchased at a discounted price.6.

Enjoy the sights of the London Heath, Heathrow, or Gatwick terminals.

Free flyers will also enjoy the beautiful view of London from the Airbus terminal.

Free flying is available on all aircraft with an Airbus logo.7.

Make the most of your FreeFly experience by making your way to one of the world’s busiest airports.

Free flights will begin at the beginning of March, and are expected to last through the end of the year.

For more details on FreeFly flight options, including prices and availability, check out the FreeFlight website at www .freeright.com.8.

Join the conversation.

FreeFlight is available for a global audience, so we invite you to share your thoughts, questions, and experiences with us on Facebook and Twitter.

We’d love to hear from you!

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