• July 13, 2021

How to find the perfect job as an ayahuasca-experience worker

Experian has released a new report on how to become a job seeker in the Amazon rainforest.

“As a young person, you were taught that you would get a job and that you had to be a good worker.

That has changed,” the report’s authors said.

They went on to say: “You are now told you are responsible for making the job, not only the work itself.

You are responsible to be responsible to your boss.

And you are not allowed to make mistakes.” 

What you need to know about ayahuasasca and the Amazon Read moreExperian said the report is based on the experiences of more than 20,000 people who have participated in its Ayahuasca Experience Work Study.

The study is aimed at exploring how ayahuacosas experience of work is changing and what job opportunities may exist for people who take part.

A total of 7,500 people were surveyed in the first phase of the study, with a follow-up of 1,500 more in 2019.

“What we’ve found is that people have been finding new jobs, but in some ways they are also being penalised, and they are being judged more harshly than ever before,” said Experian’s CEO and co-founder, Mark McEwan.

“That’s what has prompted us to release this report.”

The report also shows that there is a growing need for ayahuashas experience, and that the number of jobs for which ayahuascas could apply has doubled since 2020. 

“These are the sorts of things that can be done for a job if you know the right people, and are ready to work with the right kind of people,” said McEwan.

The report includes tips on how job seekers can take advantage of the opportunities in the job market.

“In the Amazon, it’s the only place you’ll find people who are interested in ayahuaasca,” said the co-author of the report, Michelle Clements.

“The Amazon has a huge number of ayahuacas who want to work.

So, if you can get an ayahas experience job in the next six months, that’s what it’s all about.”

This is a job opportunity and it’s a very rewarding one.”The ayahuácas can learn how to be productive people, which can help them to have more fun in their lives.”

Read moreThe report says many people in the rainforest are working as part of an ayakas project to protect endangered plants and animals, including endangered guarani, which are listed as threatened by the World Wildlife Fund.