• July 17, 2021

Porsche Experience Center and Liquid Tension Experiment – Hacks to test the effect of the Porsche Experience center

Hacker News article Liquid tension is an effect that occurs when the pressure of water in the atmosphere increases as the temperature of the liquid increases.

The effect is also known as thermal expansion and the effect is a significant contributor to the phenomenon of bubbles in liquid.

The Porsche Experience centers are located at the base of the mountain and are capable of producing a phenomenon known as “bubble heating”.

The first bubble-hugging experiment took place in 2010 in Austria.

At the time, a German company called the VEGA used a liquid nitrogen reactor and a thermocouple to heat water to a temperature of around 1,600 degrees Fahrenheit (930 degrees Celsius).

The results were quite interesting.

When heated at that temperature, the water in a cup of water becomes very hot, but at room temperature, it is not as hot.

As you can see in the above diagram, the pressure in the cup of liquid drops, as the pressure rises, and this drops the pressure even further.

When heated at room temperatures, the cup’s temperature drops by around 25% and at around 600 degrees Fahrenheit, the temperature drops to around 70%.

The researchers found that a small amount of pressure increase causes the water to expand.

In other words, the heat from the reactor increases the pressure, causing the water inside the cup to become more hot.

They then measured how the water cooled down after being heated for a short time.

The results showed that the pressure inside the water reached a critical point when the temperature reached 700 degrees Fahrenheit.

This is the point where the water starts to solidify and expand.

When the temperature is above 700 degrees, the liquid becomes so hot that it melts.

When cooled down, it becomes very cold.

This process can be repeated for a long time.

While the researchers believe that liquid tension is a real phenomenon that occurs in the water, they think it is much less prevalent in the air than we originally thought.

The researchers have now developed a method that will allow them to measure the temperature inside the atmosphere of a balloon without the balloon being inflated, and they plan to use this method in the next time they test bubbles inside the air.

The results of the first bubble hugging experiment are being published in the journal Nature Communications.

Read more about bubbly heat:

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