• July 19, 2021

How to Survive the Desert Rats

After surviving their first days of captivity, the rat-racing team must now take them on an escape plan.

source The News Tribune article The story of the escape was a simple one: We had to get rid of them.

The rats were here.

The only way to do that was to run away.

We had a lot of options.

But we didn’t want to go through a second wave of rats.

I don’t think there was ever a better time for us to do it.

We didn’t have to worry about rats.

We just needed to get out of there.

We started a fire and took off our clothes.

It was hard.

I had a pair of leather shoes.

We were very barefoot.

We ran, and then I realized we were all running.

I saw the rats on the hill, and they weren’t going to stop.

So I ran away.

It wasn’t a hard decision.

I didn’t care what they did to us.

We all ran.

We weren’t afraid of them, and I didn.

I felt great.

The rat-tasting food and water were good.

The air was very fresh.

We took a lot more food and drink than we did on our first trip.

The smell was like a thousand different flavors.

The food was delicious.

It really was a miracle to be alive in a cave with rats.

But there were a lot things that we had to do.

We got our supplies together and we set up camp.

Then we started setting traps.

We set traps on every rock and on every branch of a tree.

And we set traps all over the place.

We made our first food stash in the tree.

We also made a big hole in the ground in the center of the cave, and we used a rope to hang a tent from the top of it.

That was pretty tough.

When the rats were inside the tent, we set fire to the fire, which was still hot.

But the rats started to leave.

It looked like we were getting away with something.

And then we started taking them out.

But it didn’t seem to be working.

We needed to stop them.

They weren’t eating the food and we didn, too.

They were biting us, and that was bad.

We decided to use a combination of our tools to try and get them out, and a lot was happening.

We used a spear to poke holes in the sides of the tent and put food down on them.

Then I tried to throw some of the food out, but they didn’t bite us.

Then the water ran out, so we had the water running out.

We put some more food down, but the rats had already eaten it.

They didn’t like it.

I decided that it was better to just give up.

So we went back to the tent.

We left the tent all the way and set up a fire.

I just started tossing some food down.

Then, we started hearing screaming.

We thought maybe the rats are getting tired of the smell.

But they kept coming back.

It seemed to work for the first time.

I threw a bunch of food down again, and the rats kept coming.

The water ran dry, and when we tried to leave the cave again, we could not because there was no water.

Then they went inside the cave and started eating us.

I was getting really sick from it.

It got really bad.

But when we got back to camp, the rats came out of the tunnel and started attacking us.

They ate us.

So the first thing we did was put the tent on fire again.

We burned it down and started the fire again, but we couldn’t burn all of it, so that’s when we decided to go inside the tunnel.

And the rats, when they saw the fire and they saw it burning, they started to come out of that tunnel.

I told them we were just going to leave them alone.

I gave them the food, water, and food.

And they started eating.

They even got up and started walking.

So, we put the fire out.

Then one of the rats tried to eat some of my food.

I said, You’re not eating.

And it started to get hot, and it was getting hot, so I said you’re not going to eat.

Then another rat came out and tried to bite me.

I pulled my hand back and grabbed it, and he started biting.

So when he bit me, he got my left hand, and my hand started bleeding.

I thought that’s where he would eat me, and so I pulled it back, and pulled my arm back.

And he got his left hand.

I could see his hand, his thumb, and his index finger, and all the rest of his fingers were gone.

So he ate my left arm.

He had eaten my left foot.

Then he got the other arm, and started feeding me.

He started eating my right arm.

And so I just put my hand down. It