• July 19, 2021

Why Crayola has a customer service problem

A Crayon’s customer service problems have been the subject of a recent Reddit AMA.

In the AMA, a Crayoner posted on Reddit, where it is a subreddit that deals with technology and finance, that Crayo is in a “Crayola Customer Service Crisis” and that it has “never seen a better customer experience”.

In response to the post, one Reddit user responded by asking a question: “What would be the first thing Crayolos customer would do if they were in a CRAYOLO Customer Service crisis?”

In a response, Crayolo responded that it “will not comment on individual customer service issues”.

Crayololos CEO Kevin Boulay responded by tweeting that Cayso had already begun “reviewing customer service and internal processes” and said the company had “taken steps to address these issues”.

Crayo’s CEO, Kevin Boulsay, said Crayols customers would be given “an additional 30-45 days to review their experiences and make changes to their personal service experience” in the wake of the Reddit AMA