• July 24, 2021

Why a new ‘experience booster’ has saved the planet

The world’s largest volcano, which is believed to have erupted at least 100 times in its history, is expected to erupt again within the next few days. 

It’s been nearly three years since the volcano erupted, and a new experience booster could save millions of lives in the process.

The New Zealand government says that this “experience boosters” program will help scientists better understand the “fiery nature of the volcano’s eruption” and the possible health effects it might cause.

The technology was developed by an Australian company called VXE Inc. and will be used in the next eruption to better understand what happens to volcanic rocks during a volcano eruption.

The company has already received funding for the project from the Australian government, and has a contract to develop a similar device.

VXXE says the experience booster will be tested and deployed in 2019.

It’s not clear how long the device will be available for, or whether it will be fully operational by then.

VXE said it was not aware of any cases of people being injured after using the device.

The company has also released videos of the device that can be viewed on YouTube.