• July 29, 2021

How to get out of the inner city

A new study found that when people spend a lot of time outdoors, they’re more likely to develop depression, anxiety, and a host of other mental health issues.

The research was led by researchers at Emory University.

The study, published in the journal Social Science & Medicine, analyzed the relationships between outdoor physical activity, social isolation, and psychological distress among people who lived in a large urban area.

Participants were followed from age 6 to 24 for a year and were asked to report on their feelings of depression, mood swings, and anxiety, as well as on their experience of living in a city.

Researchers found that people who spent more time outside were more likely than people who didn’t spend much time outdoors to report feeling depressed, anxious, or depressed.

These findings were consistent across different geographic regions, but there was no clear link between physical activity and mental health.

According to the study, the reason that physical activity may reduce mental health problems in people who live in urban areas is that people living in urban environments are less likely to experience severe physical injuries and are less susceptible to the chronic disease.

It is important to remember that the research was observational and not randomized.

The authors noted that the results are not meant to imply that physical exercise is the cause of mental health symptoms.

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