• August 6, 2021

How to sign in to Experian for free

The Philadelphians experiment, which was the first of its kind in the world, saw a user log into an Experian account and access a wide range of information.

It’s unclear if Experian was able to provide users with more sensitive information or if the privacy breach was a result of the breach, but a user-generated report posted on Medium indicates that Experian may have been hacked.

The post on Medium by a user named “Josie” states that Experians “security team has been hacked, apparently due to a flaw in their code.”

The post alleges that Experien employees were able to access data stored on the website’s servers and access private customer information, including email addresses, financial accounts, credit card numbers, and social security numbers.

In a statement, Experian noted that the breach occurred at “a time when we were transitioning to a new privacy policy that was published on our website.”

“We are working closely with our security team and law enforcement to understand the facts, determine how we can better protect our customers, and address the root cause of the incident,” the statement read.

While the breach has not been linked to Experians new privacy policies, the breach could cause some users to be confused about how to sign up for Experian’s service.

Experian has yet to provide an update on the status of the user-reported incident.

“Experian is currently in the process of reviewing the incident, and will provide further updates once we have more information,” the company wrote in a statement to CNBC. For more: