• August 8, 2021

Why did you find the egg experiment to be more interesting than the liquid tension experiment?

What you need to know about the liquid tensions experiment.1.

How did you test the egg?2.

What was the goal of the experiment?3.

How well did the egg withstand testing?4.

What were the results?5.

What next?

This is a really interesting experiment, and it is very easy to do and it has some really cool results.

What I liked about it is that it was a very long, hard experiment that was designed to test different aspects of the egg.

It also has an interesting goal.

The egg is suspended in a liquid and then the researchers can use an external pressure to pull it down to a temperature that it can hold.

That makes the egg easier to manipulate and more stable.

The researchers wanted to see if they could actually manipulate the egg in this way and find out whether the egg could be used as a liquid test tube.

To do that, they were using a small tube that has a mesh on it and it was filled with water.

The researchers then had to place the egg inside the tube and release it, but they had to do it with very little pressure.

The scientists were also trying to figure out whether there was any difference between holding an egg and releasing it, and if so, what that difference was.

They were hoping to find out if the egg would hold liquid even when held in a tube.

The test tube was filled to the top with water and then removed.

They then filled it again, this time with air.

The air had to be pumped in.

The scientists placed the egg on the bottom of the tube.

The water in the tube was then removed from the tube to make sure that the water was not in contact with the egg, so that the pressure didn’t affect the egg or make it drop.

Then they added the pressure back in.

Once the pressure was back in the tubes, the egg was pulled down and then released again.

Here is what they found.

The egg that was dropped into a liquid did not drop as far as they thought it would, but it did have more stability.

The more water in there, the less stable the egg became.

The team was able to drop the egg about two centimeters lower than they thought the egg should be at a level of about 0.5 centimeters.

They also found that when the pressure on the egg dropped below 0.1 centigrade, it was more stable than when the temperature dropped below the temperature of the water.

They found that it held liquid even at a temperature of around -150°C, which is below the freezing point of water.

So this is really interesting.

The pressure on an egg does not affect the stability of the eggs ability to hold liquid.

They used an egg with a mesh to hold the egg and then placed it on the tube at a specific pressure of about -0.1 to -0:1 centigram per centimeter.

The next step is to find a way to push the egg lower.

They want to see how long the pressure drops to.

They plan to go back and look at how long it takes to drop an egg.

We know that when you drop an object at a high enough pressure, it actually falls down.

This is because when the object drops, the water molecules in the water start to separate, and that’s when you have water.

This creates a drop.

When you drop the water, you are creating the pressure gradient.

This means that the weight of the object is the same at the bottom and at the top, and then you have a drop, which means that you are reducing the pressure.

It means that, if you can control the pressure, you can also make the drop more stable and that way, the drop doesn’t move down.

It’s a really important thing to think about in this experiment because when you release an egg, you have to keep the pressure the same, so if you keep the egg at a low pressure, the pressure will decrease.

You can also keep the water level to keep things stable.

So when you lower the pressure and the egg starts to fall, the same thing happens.

The next step of the process was to see what happened if the pressure dropped down to -1.0 to -2.0 centigrades, which would be near the freezing temperature of water at the surface.

If you had to drop a small object with a small amount of water, that would be a really bad idea, because you would have a large amount of air inside the egg that could potentially freeze up and fall down.

They thought they could control the amount of the air they put in the egg by changing the amount they were holding the egg above the water in order to make the pressure drop down to the water at a lower level.

The other thing is that the researchers used a small, thin layer of liquid in the experiment to simulate the effect of dropping a small egg, and

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