• August 26, 2021

Which of these Italian teams are best at beating Italy?

It’s a question which Italian clubs will have to answer when they face each other in their first match of the season. 

But who are the best? 

Which teams can beat the best in the world? 

And what will it take to win it all? 

I sat down with Giovanni Mancini, the head coach of Lazio, to find out.

Mancini is the coach of Italy’s national team and he is also the coach at Lazio. 

The two have been working together for a while and he has been very impressed with the way Lazio have been performing. 

“The same is true for me with Mancinis. “

I have a lot of confidence in him. “

The same is true for me with Mancinis. 

I have a lot of confidence in him. 

In fact, when I watched him in the first-team, I thought he was a good coach. 

As a player, he is very good. 

You can also say he has the best vision and ability of any coach in the history of football.”

Mancinis comments came as Lazio travelled to Turin for the first leg of their Group C clash with Fiorentina. 

It is an encounter that has been a tough one for Lazio as they have played well in each game but failed to get out of the group stage. 

They have struggled to score in Serie A and have been punished by Juventus and AC Milan for that reason. 

Lazio are ranked 14th in the Serie A table, having conceded the most goals (25) in the league. 

However, their defence is a concern and it will be interesting to see how they will fare against Fiorettina, who are currently the joint second-best team in the Premier League. 

Fiorentino have won two of their last three Serie A matches and Mancinos side are now only three points behind Lazio with eight games remaining. 

Juventus are currently in second, two points behind the Giallorossi, while AC Milan are third, two behind Lazios top-four rivals Juventus. 

Both teams are favourites to win the group stages but Lazio are the favourites to finish first in Serie B and the Champions League.

They are also favourites to make the final in the Champions Leagues, but the gap between them and the top two sides has narrowed to three points. 

With their first leg at home to Sassuolo, Lazio will be looking to build on their impressive form against Fiores. 

This fixture is the first of four in which the teams will face each others first team. 

 Juve will host Lazio in the Coppa Italia final on February 15, while Lazio host Juventus in the Super Cup final on March 16. 

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