• September 18, 2021

What to know about Experian credit scores

Experian Credit Score, the company behind ExperianCreditScore.com, has been forced to apologize for a marketing campaign that falsely claims that people who take part in its credit scores surveys are not only paying less in interest and taxes, but that they have more time to spend doing so.

As the New York Times reported on Friday, Experian says it has pulled the ads and said the campaign was created with the intention of making people think that taking part in credit scores was a good idea.

The statement also noted that the ads did not represent Experian’s opinions on the validity of credit scores, and that the company does not endorse these surveys.

Experian also said it would be reviewing the ad and would be updating its website as it continues to review it.

The ad campaign came under fire on Thursday after a post on Reddit claimed that the site would begin sending out ads to people who took part in the credit scores survey.

The post was deleted shortly after it was posted.

The Post’s Max Fisher and Andrew Roth contributed to this report.

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