• September 18, 2021

What to know about Experian membership and experience cancellation

If you want to cancel your Experian® membership, you have two options: use a phone number that is not in the network or pay a fee.

You can do either of these options if you want your experience to be cancelled and will not receive any money.

If you choose to use a telephone number that you do not own or have not purchased, the number will not work as a cancellation option.

The phone number will work if you are in the U.S. or Canada and have been using a phone or internet service that is on the Experian network, but not a service that can be accessed by the public.

If the number you choose does not work, you can cancel your membership using a letter, phone call or email from Experian’s Customer Service Department.

In addition to your phone number being the only option, you will need to include your name, address, and a telephone contact number.

You will also need to specify the date you want the cancellation to be effective.

When you receive your letter or email, you should keep it with you for the rest of your membership renewal cycle.

The letter or phone call should include a link to the cancellation process in your membership.

You should not use this process to cancel any existing membership or upgrade.

Once you cancel your Membership, you may not re-open any existing Membership or upgrade to a higher tier.

For more information, see FAQs about canceling your membership, how to change your phone or email number, and canceling an Experian credit.

If your phone is not working, contact Experian Customer Service at 1-800-922-2289.

To cancel an Experien membership, visit the Membership Services Desk at any time to cancel or upgrade your membership without the need to send a letter or call.

The Membership Services Department may also cancel an existing membership.

If an email or phone contact number is not available, you need to complete a cancellation form.

You must include your phone phone number and your email address in your form.

The form should include your mailing address, email address, name, phone number (if available), and an expiration date.

The cancellation deadline is the next business day.

If it is more than one week from the time the form is completed, it will expire.

For a list of the forms that are available, go to the Membership Information section of your account.

To upgrade, visit any time within the membership renewal period to change to a new membership or downgrade to a lower membership tier.

If a phone contact or email address is not listed, you must provide proof that you have the required email address.

For example, a letter that lists your email is required.

Once your membership is upgraded or upgraded to a different tier, you are no longer required to complete this process.

You cannot cancel your existing membership, or downgrade your membership to a level lower than the one that you already paid for, to change an existing Membership to a Higher Tier or downgrade a lower tier to a Lower Tier.

You do not need to pay the additional cost for a phone call to cancel the upgrade or downgrade.

To change your Phone Number, go back to the Services Desk and choose the phone contact that was used to contact you about cancelling the membership.

This is the phone number you received from Experians Customer Service.

To delete an existing phone number or email contact, you also need a letter with the information that is needed to cancel a Membership.

To get the letter, you simply need to click on the link on the form.

Please note that once you cancel the membership, this information cannot be deleted.

You may need to contact Experians to delete this information.

If there is a problem with the letter or the cancellation form, the problem can be solved by calling the Experians customer service line at 1-(800)-922