• September 23, 2021

How to learn from the most common mistakes in the NBA draft

A young NBA rookie from Kansas City is one of the first to learn the hard way that the best thing you can do to avoid being labeled a “fraud” is to play your best basketball.

And in a move that is sure to please some NBA scouts, Kansas City rookie Isaiah Cousins is the first rookie to take the NBA’s annual Rookie Test, which is meant to help players learn more about their development and develop better habits.

Cousins, a 19-year-old center from Kansas, will play for the Washington Wizards in the upcoming NBA Draft.

His success on the NBA Rookie Test is something that he is now looking forward to, and he is already getting a lot of positive feedback from the league, the team, and other players who have already passed.

“The league has really taken it seriously,” Cousins said.

“There are a lot more things to be able to say to players about how to improve their game, how to be better at certain things, and how to not do things they don’t want to do.”

Cousens, who has been playing in the D-League, was not able to attend the NBA Draft due to his injury.

He was drafted by the Atlanta Hawks in the second round in February.

But his father, Ty Cousins, told the team’s official website that Isaiah was able to play on the Rookie Test because he had an injury and had to stay home to be with his mother and siblings.

He was also given a “rehab” from the team.

“It’s pretty much been the same, no coaching, no work,” Ty Cousins said, according to the Washington Post.

“He’s been doing a little bit of work on his jumper and stuff, but he’s just kind of been playing a lot and trying to stay healthy.”

Ty Cousins said that his son is a talented basketball player, and is just trying to get better, but that he hopes that other players will follow his example.

“He’s just been trying to be the best that he can be, just trying not to get hurt, just working hard,” Ty said.

Curry’s rookie test has become something of a hot topic on social media.

NBA stars have commented on his progress, including former Denver Nuggets forward Trevor Ariza, who told ESPN.com that Cousins’ first test has been the most difficult of his career.

“There are guys that come in the league and have a really good career, and that’s really good to know that somebody’s coming in and they’re playing their game and they can improve,” Ariza said.

“You just want to make sure that you keep working on your game, and you can never let that get to you.

It’s something you can work on, you can’t let it get to the point where it’s just a matter of time and it’s not worth it.

You have to always push yourself to the best of your ability.”

The NBA has not announced the results of Cousins’ rookie test, but the results are expected to be released on March 9.

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