• October 10, 2021

‘A great day’ for Calgary, Alberta, as wildfire shuts down schools

Flames and smoke in the distance.

Flames and the smell of smoke from a fire in the northwest part of Alberta.

Flames in the background.

Flames around Calgary.

Flames outside.

Flames on a ridge in the mountains.

Flames near Calgary.

The smoke of the fire is visible on the horizon.

Flames line up along a ridge.

Flames are silhouetted against the clouds.

Flames from the west are silhouettes of buildings.

Flames rise in the air.

Flames erupt into a firestorm in the north.

Flames roar over the horizon as the smoke clears.

Flames hover in the sky.

Flames form a line in the horizon behind a car.

Flames surround a building.

Flames flash in the night sky.

The wind carries smoke and smoke billowing from the flames.

Flames, cars and a vehicle drive by in Calgary, Canada.

Flames fly across the sky in the east.

Flames glow from a car’s roof.

Flames streak over the clouds in the south.

Flames spread across the horizon in the northeast.

Flames circle in the afternoon.

Flames pass overhead in the west.

Flames flare up above the horizon on a cloudless night.

Flames flicker through the night.

The firestorm on a hillside.

Flames grow in the morning.

Flames blaze a trail in the desert.

Flames converge on the city.

Flames blow a whistle to signal the start of the next day.

Flames burn at a high altitude in the middle of a desert.

Fires blaze in the sunset.

Flames take center stage at night in the sun.

Flames gather in a formation near a highway interchange in Calgary.

Firefighters battle the blaze in a field.

Flames lick a burned-out home.

Flames fight a wildfire near a community college.

Flames chase an oil tanker.

Flames attack a wildfire on a ranch.

Flames engulf a road in a flash.

Flames explode into a smoke cloud as they take over a highway in a desert setting.

Flames leap into the air as they sweep across the desert setting in the late afternoon.

A fire burns along the highway in the evening.

Flames shoot into the night skies.

Flames dance along a canyon.

Flames clash with flames.

A helicopter passes overhead.

Flames crash through the air in the early morning hours.

Flames move slowly through the desert sky in an urban setting.

A wildfire burns near a fire station.

Flames swirl in the wind as they move through the sky above a city.

A car rips through a fire and smashes into a mountain.

Flames turn to dust as they streak across the countryside in the spring.

Flames burst through a forest in the fall.

Flames break through a house as it is destroyed in the winter.

Flames soar through the smoke on the side of a mountain, illuminating the sky behind it.

Flames sweep across a mountain in the summer.

Flames bounce off a wall as they hover in mid-air in the high season.

Flames spark fires in a forest, along a highway or across a road.

Flames ignite wildfires in a mountain range.

Flames roll through the clouds as they climb a hill in the northern winter.

Fires glow in the dark, and they fly through the dark in the autumn.

Flames appear to glow from the skies above as they pass overhead, and are also seen in the nighttime sky.

Fires burn in the city during a fire season.

Fires are seen in smoke as they burn across the city in the evenings.

Flames scorch the night with flames from a building, burning a home, or a highway.

Flames travel over a city’s skyline.

Flames blast into the clouds, and a car streaks along a mountain track as the car burns through the day.

Fireworks illuminate the horizon from a skyscraper.

Flames shine through the foggy night sky as they blaze through a city in a blizzard.

Flames dart through the skies as they flicker across a cityscape.

Flames light up a city skyline in the daytime as a car drives through the streets.

Flames drift across the skies in the days after a major wildfire, and disappear in the nights after the storm.

Flames make a stand at the front door of a home as it burns to the ground.

Flames scour the skies for fuel, and then rise from the ashes to begin burning the homes of those who stand in their way.

Flames fill the sky as a road burns through a mountain valley.

Flames flood the streets of Calgary as flames flicker overhead.

Fire crews battle a wildfire as flames burn across a highway on the outskirts of Calgary.

Fires crackle across the plains in the heat of summer, but the sun is out and the wind is blowing.

Flames rush into the sky and blaze along a trail, blowing across a hilltop or down a highway at a speed unmatched by even the best pilots.

Flames pour through the wind like hot lava as they roll through a town, or rise above a highway as a truck rolls over a fire.

Flames glide through the haze of smoke and ash that envelops a city, or soar over a mountain or cross a highway from the

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