• October 11, 2021

How to watch a Nike Flex Experience app with iOS 11

You might not know this, but the Nike Flex experience is actually a controlled experiment.

You can watch a version of the Nike experience for free on iOS 11, but you’ll have to sign in to Nike’s App Store to use it.

To get the experience for yourself, you’ll need to get into your Nike account and sign in.

Here’s how:1.

Find your Nike App.

This is going to be a little tricky.

Find Nike’s website, scroll down, and click the orange “Go” button on the top right.2.

Sign in.

When you sign in, you’re going to need to enter your Nike login.3.

Click “Activate Now.”4.

You’ll be taken to the Nike app.

Click on “Start.”5.

The Nike app will open, and then you’ll see a screen where you can add a Nike Experience (if you haven’t already).6.

If you’ve signed in before, you can just click the green “Add Experience” button at the bottom of the screen.

If not, you may have to log in again.7.

You will be redirected to the App Store.

Here you can see a list of all the Nike experiences available.

You have to select a specific experience for your Nike app to work, and that experience will need to be active in order for you to watch it.8.

When the app opens, tap on “Continue.”9.

You should see the experience appear on your screen.

Click the “Play” button, and watch the experience.10.

If everything looks good, you should now be able to watch the Nike Experience in your Nike mobile app.

If it doesn’t, it’s likely because you haven, or haven’t, opted to activate the experience on your device.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of the experience:1.)

Tap on the app icon on the home screen to open the Home screen.

Tap on “Settings.”2.)

Select the “My App.”

This will bring up a page with a number of options.

Choose “Activation.”3.)

Once you’ve selected your app, you need to select the “Activating” option.

This will enable the Nike application to start automatically.

If your Nike application is still inactive after this, you could be missing out on some important functionality.4.)

To watch the full Nike experience, you’d need to activate it on your Apple device, as well as your computer, but here’s how you do that.5.)

Open the Nike App on your computer.6.)

In the top navigation bar, tap “My Info.”7.)

Tap the gear icon on your phone to open up your “My Profile” page.8.)

Tap “Activator” on the right side of the page.9.)

Select your Nike experience.

Tap “Add.”10.)

You’ll now be presented with a confirmation page.

On this page, tap the green confirmation button.

You need to sign into your account for this to work.11.

Once you sign into Nike’s app, the experience should be activated.

Tap the “Start” button to watch your experience on the Nike mobile web app.

You might need to scroll down to see it in full screen mode, but it’s good to be able see it at least once.