• November 25, 2021

How to test your brain for the richie plank

With every plank you have, you are testing your brain.

Here, we look at the best way to test if your brain is making you happy or sad.

Richie’s Plank ExperimentRichie’s planking experiment is a simple experiment.

Take a bucket of water and place it in a bowl filled with your favourite drink.

You will have to choose between the rich, salty and sweet water, which are different colours and tastes.

If you like the rich water, you will get more pleasure from the planking experience.

If not, then your brain will tell you that you should give up.

Here is how you test your planking test: Put a bucket full of water into a bowl with one of your favourite drinks.

Put a plastic bucket over the bucket to keep the water from getting wet.

Wait for two minutes.

Try again, then give up the bucket.

Repeat for a further two minutes, giving up the drink and the bucket and waiting for two more minutes.

If your brain can tell you this is the correct way to plank, then you are happy.

But if not, you need to try another way.

Try the plank experiment again.

Do you still like the plank?

Then you have made it.

If the plank is the same colour as the drink you are drinking, then the experiment has failed.

It is best to leave the planked bucket empty until the experiment is over.

It will make you happier.