• September 13, 2021

Which company has the highest number of cyber-attacks?

Experian, the data security company that helped secure the credit-card data of more than 30 million Americans, reported Thursday that more than one in five breaches involving its data have been attributed to hackers.That’s more than double the number of data breaches attributed to other companies, like Visa, in the past decade.“It’s not just one…

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How to fix the Bobo doll’s experimenter problem

The Bobo Doll Experimenter is the experimenter of the episode of Bobo that begins with the Boboe.It’s not just the doll itself; it’s also the entire Bobo family, which has been in existence since the mid-20th century.The Bizsons are still in charge of the business, and the Bizbot has a new boss.Bobo is a human…

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