• August 30, 2021

How Russia Experimented With Russia’s ‘Crayola Experience’

President Vladimir Putin is trying to use Russia’s crayola experience to promote its national security.The latest Russian experiment is showing off the latest technology at the Sochi Winter Olympics, where the crayons are the stars.“The Crayolas are the most famous objects in the Olympics,” Putin said Monday during a signing ceremony for the cauldron at…

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How to make a Pavlov Dog experimenter happy: How to tell the difference between a Pavlo and a Dog

The word “pavlo” can mean a very cute dog or a very noisy dog, depending on the context.It can also mean a dog who wants to please, but who is also very smart.A Pavlo who is in love with you is one who wants you to love him back.A dog who is very much in…

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