• September 27, 2021

This is how to fix a Trump presidency

When Donald Trump took office in January, he was already in his first term.He was the first sitting president to take office with a large lead in the popular vote, and he was the only Republican to win a second term.The GOP was in full-blown crisis mode, and the president had been a major impediment…

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When The World Is Coming to an End – The Impact of Climate Change

The future is about to get much worse for most of us, and the worst is already here, according to new research published on the eve of the world’s annual climate change summit in Lima, Peru.The findings, published in Nature Climate Change, show that while global temperature rise could be around 3 degrees Celsius (5.7…

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‘There’s nothing wrong with science’

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) students will have a better chance of getting into top engineering schools than students from other STEM fields, according to new data.But there is no evidence that students from the fields that most often dominate STEM disciplines are at a disadvantage, say the results of a survey of engineering…

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