• September 29, 2021

What you need to know about the new Experian numbers

By Alex Seitz-WaldThe first step in understanding Experian’s new numbers is understanding how the company got them.Experian started with the idea that you’d like to make more money, but how?Experian, which is also the parent company of Experian Life and Experian Consumer, decided to start collecting data about the things that people were buying.That led…

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The jj-Thomson Experiment: A Secure Sleep Experiment

1 of 2 A secure sleep experiment with an automated sleep timer, and a new type of encryption to make it more difficult to eavesdrop. A security researcher has discovered an experimental method to hack a popular Android app with a security freeze on its code and the ability to snoop on user data.The jjThomsson…

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How to watch YouTube experiment videos: A guide to YouTube’s experiments

Experiments are one of the biggest and most controversial topics in the YouTube community.Google’s experiments can be both thrilling and confusing to many, and the video sharing platform has a history of experimenting with its videos.Here’s a rundown of the best experiments from YouTube.1.The Candy ExperimentExperiment One of the most popular experiments on YouTube, the…

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