• October 30, 2021

Why Are You Gonna Die in a Gay Bar?

By Alexi MolloyThe world is full of people who have survived being shot by a loved one, or stabbed by a neighbor.In the gay bar scene, though, the odds of that happening to you are much higher.The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF), a nonprofit organization that tracks sexual and gender violence in the…

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How to watch a gay couple’s wedding from the comfort of your living room

A gay couple has set the Guinness World Record for the longest and most intimate gay wedding ceremony in a house.They also set a new world record for the most guests at the ceremony.The couple, who are from South Africa, said they couldn’t have asked for a better venue for their wedding.They said it’s one…

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When the Beatles and the Beatles, the ark, and Stanley Milgram, a collaboration of artists from across the globe, began to take shape

Time title Stanley Milgram experiment 626: the Ark, the Beatles experiment and a conversation with artist Harry Heschel and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin article The Beatles, The Beatles and Stanly Milgram are the subject of the latest episode of the HBO documentary series HBO and The New York Times best-selling book.In a collaboration that spans…

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