• August 23, 2021

The New ‘Parks and Recreation’ Season 6 Trailer Is Still Pretty Boring, But You Can Still Enjoy It As A Comedy

The season premiere of Parks and Recreation has gotten off to a rough start.As the season’s premiere date approaches, the cast and writers are still deciding on the next big storyline and have no concrete plans for season six.But while the episode “The New Adventures of Pawnee” is the most recent installment in the “Season…

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How to get over being the first person to tweet about a girlfriend experience

How to make the first move?How to win the girlfriend’s heart.The experiment has been repeated and tweaked for the latest instalment, as a new study by researchers at the University of Melbourne reveals how to make a friend’s girlfriend experience a social experiment.The study was led by Dr Anna Bowerman, a psychologist and social researcher,…

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